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Tween & Tennis Tuesday

The kids and I had the morning schedule completely open, so I chose to hit the EA Sports Active and My Fitness Coach after the kids finished playing Sonic Unleashed on the Wii. Just so you know, I’ve found the Wii workouts best at exercising muscles that are hardly touched during regular cardio/weight training routines, thus explaining the soreness issue experienced last week. Who would’ve thought boxing, in-line skating and step aerobics could do such a number on a person the next day? Not me – I was flabbergasted. Let’s just say I’m prepared this time around, ibuprofen and all.

But exercising with Wii games wasn’t the highlight of this summer Tuesday. Nope. The day actually got plenty better after dropping Catholic Girlie off at her Tween class, sending Catholic Son and I over to the tennis court where we volleyed nicely smacked the ball around the court like a couple of wild & crazy tennis fanatics. Ok, so we weren’t exactly pro-like, but man… that boy can make contact with the tennis ball like no other 10 year old I’ve ever seen. Although, unfortunately, he also takes losing exactly like a certain one-time pro: John McEnroe.

Final score: Mom 5, CS 3. Sorry ’bout that, dude.

Sweet Summer Sunday

No awakening to cat poo today, thanks very much. Instead, we slept in uninterrupted and then consumed our usual family cinnamon roll breakfast while reading the comics together. Well, three of us ate rolls anyway, because I’ve actually started eating Catholic Hub’s Famous Veggie Omelet instead. Not sure why, but I’m blaming it on another food phase, which means more cinnamon rolls for everyone else to be eating. No complaints there!

What’s next for our day? Workout (me), Sonic Heroes fun (CG), Bionicle play on the computer (CS), and Home Project Work (CH). Then after lunch, more pool time for me and the Catholic Kids who burned off some of that extra energy all stored up from being inside all morning, during which time I took care of some reading/tanning/snoozing. Another typical summer day, and it was all good. *ahhh*

But the best part of our day came later at Eyemasters where Hubs bravely put in an order to replace those taped-up glasses he’s been wearing for several weeks now, along with a bonus pair of sunglasses to top off the deal. We’re so proud of that guy:

Rude Awakening

Here’s how not to wake up on a Saturday morning: with a certain child bursting into your bedroom as you sleep announcing that he/she found a present cat poo outside his/her bedroom door upon opening it. Dude. As if hubs and I need heart attacks bright and early in the morning? Ok, so clean-up time and then we’re over it. Breakfast wasn’t quite as appealing after that disgusting event, but you just move on with things. Ew.

Anyway, so Books-A-Million was having a huge ‘Summer Sale’ today forcing the Catholic Peeps and I to seek out a few book bargains. And that we did: 3 ‘Crime of Fashion Mysteries’ by Ellen Byerrum (me), ‘Darkest Fear’ and ‘Subterranean’ by James Rollins (hubs), 3 manga books (son), 3 chapter series novels (daughter) – all for $59 + tax. Crazy, I know! We were completely pumped after walking out of that place, and ready to read every single one of those sweeties. BAM rocks the planet with us right about now.

The afternoon barreled right on with Catholic Girlie trying out my new EA Sports Active and me cheering her on as I completed a few bicep curls & stretches, because my entire body was screaming after completing 2 days of my own personal EA Sports Active workouts. Lord have mercy on me. Then in no time flat, mass beckoned us over to the local parish where we put in a few extra prayers, thanking God for our blessings – with chlorine being very close to the top of that particular prayer list.

Speaking of which, we made a quick pit stop over to Kohls on our way back home, because apparently CS sent up his own personal ‘wish list’ to God: funky-rad new swim shorts.

Look Who’s Talking

One would expect the day after a person’s birthday to be a big let-down, but with this busy summer schedule we’ve got going in the Catholic homestead? Not even close. Instead, we kept up with our Thursday cleaning routine, now calling our crew the “Thursday Three Clean Peeps”, and whipped right through the house like a bunch of Tasmanian Devils. Then before lunch, we tested out my birthday Wii games: EA Sports Active and My Fitness Coach, getting our appetites extremely worked up in the process.

Side note: Neither Wii Fit nor Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum can touch EA Sports Active and My Fitness Coach. Finally, personalized fitness with improved Wii interactive response time. Two exhuberant thumbs up!

So then can you guess where the CK’s wanted to spend the afternoon? Yup. Poolside. No surprise there. Catholic Hubs with a day off from work stepped up to the challenge and took care of that little request nicely (thank goodness because I’m changing ethnicities with all of the sun exposure) while I made an errand run to the library for returning books and Target to pick up a few more necessities: Bagel Bites, drink boxes, chocolate milk, calcium fortified apple juice, chex mix, pop tarts, and pancake mix.

Ok so we’re all set for awhile now, right? Uh-oh… who forgot to write ‘paper towels’ on the list? *errg*

Finally, Catholic Girlie and I met with her cello coach at the Conservatory of Music where she experienced the Best Lesson Ever. Not only did Mark rave about the “cooking” she did while etude-playing, but he also mentioned that “word was getting around town” about CG’s talent. As it turns out, Mark received a phone call from another parent referred to him by CG’s Middle School orchestra teacher. The caller heard that CG made amazing strides while working with him and wanted to set up coaching sessions for another cellist. People are talking!

This just calls for a Root Beer Float Party.

Wii Party Poopers

The Catholic Peeps completed the last day of the 2008-’09 school year and couldn’t be happier. Here’s how I can tell: it’s like I’ve brought home these chatty screaming meamies who are completely bursting at the seams with pent-up energy. And while I’m equally excited that summer is officially upon us, I’m also feeling a little apprehensive about all of the energy and free time these sweet, wonderful people are about to drain from my own personal reserves. But that’s why my nickname is ‘The Energizer Bunny’, right? I can do this! ughs.

Alrighty then! So on with the events of the day. While the CK’s enjoyed a half day of school this morning, off I went to grab a few necessities from the grocery store to help get us through the weekend. Fast forward to pick-up time from school, a quick homemade lunch, then off we go to meet Catholic Hubs at the movie theater where we watched Pixar’s latest sensation, “Up”. (Squirrel! Inside joke.) Next stop: Barnes & Noble, just because. On over to Target to buy a Wii game for our last-day-of-school celebration, then a quick Valentino’s call to order our favorite pizza/pasta carryout feast. Oh man. The ride home never smelled so amazing, let me tell you, but we made it back home without a hitch, or sneak nibble.

Next, quite simply, we chowed. Valentino’s pleasantly surprised us with the best family feast ever – pasta primavera, sausage & pepperoni pizza, both garlic and cinnamon dessert breadsticks, along with a tossed salad. I held back (not an easy feat) and ate a single piece of pizza, scoop of pasta, ½ garlic breadstick, and a small salad drizzled with a light vinaigrette – just enough calories to work off with a couple hours of Wii gaming. And that we did… sadly, ending on a sour note with a hoggy Guitar Hero and sulky tween. Sign of the times. *sigh*

Cue the treadmill.