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Bust a Move

Today was another completely loaded day for me and my sweet Catholic Peepers, starting out with middle school orientation, back-to-school clothes shopping, a splendiferous spaghetti dinner made personally by incognito, and finally ending with that annual Catechist meeting where we got all wild and danced on tables I received materials in preparation for teaching 7th grade CCD. Lordy. Bring on the new school year!

Attack of the Advent Shark

November 30th marked the first Sunday of Advent, aka the 3-week preparation before Christmas, when people scramble around like headless chickens trying to do the impossible. But if you’re a 4th grade catechist like me, you’re also making crafts in CCD class, which is exactly what we did yesterday. So what did we make? Well, we saran-wrapped big long tubes of peppermints for counting down the days, topping them off with a hand-decorated paper star. Of course, what would an Advent star be like if it didn’t have a sweet little sharky tadpole? Boring, right? That’s what Catholic Son thinks, too:
Advent Verse